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Old People of NY-26, Heed's Call and Vote!

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 25 2011

A post on encourages people to vote today in yesterday's special election.

"Jane Corwin" is encouraging everyone to come out and vote today! Head on over to to check out her note, posted last night. "Tomorrow," it reads, "we can score a huge victory in the fight to stop giving money to old people." Said old people, you're invited to make a trip to the ballot box on Corwin's behalf in the special election in western New York's 26th district. But, umm, could ya stay home and watch TV during the inevitable victory party? Poor people, too. "It's nothing personal," says the 'Republican candidate.' "I've just been spending a lot of time lying to poor old people lately, and the smell is really getting to me."

Of course,'s all a parody, which is obvious after spending about three seconds on the site. The real Jane Corwin, of, has been declared runner up in Tuesday's vote, losing to Democrat Kathy Hochul in a district that voted for Carl Paladino over Andrew Cuomo at a rate of 60%. The NY-26 race had much to do with the national debate over Medicare, which provided plenty of fodder for site creator Ian Murphy, whom you might know from his prank phone call that convinced Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker that it was conservative funder David Koch on the line. Perhaps Corwin can take some solace in the fact that she was the inspiration for what might be the most creative -- if meanest -- political satire site to come around. Probably not.

But perhaps slightly more comforting for Corwin is that she's provided a do-as-I-didn't lesson for her fellow politicians. You can't stop pranksters from snatching up variations on your campaign site. (See,, for example). But it's probably wise to drop the extra ten bucks to lock up your namesake dot-org.