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#OccupyTogether on Facebook: 100+ Cities; 100,000+ Signed Up So Far

BY Micah L. Sifry | Saturday, October 1 2011

I've built a partial spreadsheet listing some of the many cities across America where people are creating and joining "Occupy X" groups in solidarity with the OccupyWallStreet protest. Not counting the 49,000 people on the latter's page, a semi-random mix of 28 other mid-to-large cities have another 40,000 or so people signed up. has links to more than 100 cities in all, so a simple extrapolation suggests that easily well over one hundred thousand people have signaled their support. It remains to be see how many will show up and stay on the ground.

If you'd like to help flesh out this spreadsheet, email me at msifry at gmail dot come, or message me on Twitter @mlsif and I'll give you editing access.

Links to each city's Facebook page can be found in the spreadsheet.

City Likes (as of 10/1)
Occupy Albany (NY) 459
Occupy Appleton (Wisc.) 327
Occupy Baltimore 248
Occupy Buffalo 946
Occupy Chicago 4350
Occupy Columbia (Mo.) 394
Occupy Colorado Springs 89
Occupy DC K St 375
Occupy Denver 2310
Occupy Detroit 565
Occupy Indianapolis 1926
Occupy Lexington (Ky.) 219
Occupy Madison 1563
Occupy Memphis 557
Occupy Miami 1804
Occupy Milwaukee 1300
Occupy Nashville 1391
Occupy Pittsburgh 1560
Occupy Richmond 939
Occupy Sacramento 1213
Occupy San Francisco 3254
Occupy Santa Fe 224
Occupy Seattle 3271
Occupy Spokane 816
Occupy St Louis 1811
Occupy Tampa 2396
Occupy Tuscon 511
Occupy Wall St 49100