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Obama's Sunshine Blocked by Low-Hanging Fruit?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 27 2011

Slate's Fred Kaplan looks at obstacles in the Obama administration's way to transparency. Unlike many commentators, he focuses on logistics. Putting aside internal debates over the release of documents, writes Kaplin...

Deeper problems engulf the stash of classified documents today. For one thing, it's enormous. For another, it's growing—and it consists, increasingly, of electronic documents: email, PDF attachments, PowerPoint files. And, remarkably, until just two years ago, the National Archives had no way of processing, much less storing and cataloging, that kind of information. The situation has improved in the last year, but only a little.

Kaplan points to a potentially easy win: an automated software process that would alert, well, someone when a document hits its Sunshine Date, the auto-release date that all classified documents are supposed to have under a Clinton-era executive order.