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No Help for Facebook from FEC on Disclaimers for Political Ads

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, June 16 2011

Since April, Facebook has been seeking exemption from Federal Elections Commission rules so that small text ads from political campaigns would be explicitly excused from carrying a disclaimer about who paid for the ads to appear.

As one might expect, the Republican and Democratic parties both think this is a good idea, The Hill's Gautham Nagesh reports. The FEC considered the issue on Wednesday, and did not take any action — so, while existing rules about disclaimers on online ads remain in effect, there is no guidance specific for Facebook ads, one way or the other.

An FEC spokeswoman told me that this means Facebook's specific request has been closed, but the issue may resurface in a request for an advisory opinion from somebody else, or on some other related matter.

Google received a similar exemption for short text ads last October, Nagesh writes.

Update: See also Kate Kaye.