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The New ReliefWeb: A Rebuilt Online Home for the Humanitarian World

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 12 2011

Unhappy with the coordination between governments, NGOs and others during the Rwandan genocide, in 1996 the United Nations' launched ReliefWeb as an information network for the "dissemination of reliable and timely information on natural disasters and other emergencies." Frequent users of the, now operated by the UN's Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, say that, some 15 years later, ReliefWeb is chock full of useful knowledge, but that it's difficult to extract information from and otherwise navigate.

Today, the site got an overhaul. The new ReliefWeb "offers a cleaner, more intuitive design and navigation, as well as improved subscription and RSS features," write the ReliefWeb team in an email, "to help you keep up with humanitarian and disaster-related issues and events worldwide, as well as more easily access the job listings and other services we offer."

Development Seed's Alex Barth explains what went into the redesign. "A main goal of the relaunch was to help relief workers find content faster," blogs Barth.

Correction: I'd gotten the name of the site wrong on a few mentions. (It's ReliefWeb, not ReliefNet.) I regret the error.