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MoveOn Debuts SignOn, Its Petition Tool-Slash-Farm League

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, May 16 2011

SignOn's petition creation tool.

MoveOn formally rolls out SignOn, a D.I.Y. petition hub we previewed back in April. As far as basic functionality goes, the site works much like fellow petition site

But MoveOn draws inspiration for the tool from its own founding way back in 1998. "Some of the most effective campaigns in recent years have started as simple Internet petitions," reads the service's FAQs. "In fact,, the sponsor of, began as a petition started by founders Wes Boyd and  Joan Blades  during the  Monica Lewinsky  scandal calling on Congress to censure President Clinton  and 'move on.'"

MoveOn says that, on occasion, SignOn will serve as something of a feeder for the organization: "Some of the fastest growing petitions may also be featured on's homepage, and occasionally will promote petitions by sending email alerts to MoveOn members in your area." As we earlier noted, MoveOn keeps the email addresses of folks who sign SignOn petitions, and reserves the right to use them at a later date.