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Jon Huntsman Spins Up Online Operation

BY Nick Judd | Monday, June 20 2011

With cryptic teaser videos and a web presence that says next to nothing about his presidential bid as of earlier this morning, Jon Huntsman's campaign kickoff is so far looking more like a marketing campaign for a Cloverfield-esque horror movie than for a candidate for the Republican nomination to the country's highest office.

"Tomorrow," promises a just-embedded video clip on Huntsman's personal website, "the candidate for president who rides motocross to relax."

Prior to that video's appearance earlier this morning, that site had no allusions to Huntsman's presidential campaign. Perhaps there's something to be said for not trumpeting your intent to make an announcement, or at least not overstating it, but neither of the Huntsman web presences make any effort to influence the national conversation about the candidate-to-be's presidential aspirations. In fact, neither of them even have more than the barest biographical information about Huntsman — nowhere is the lush campaign biography filled with accomplishments and down-home American roots that is de rigeur for most politicians on the national stage.

His 2012 campaign website,, is blank, save for a sparse promise: "Coming Soon."

Politico Playbook reports that this will all change tomorrow.

"By the time he walks onstage tomorrow, the heavily video-centric site will be packed with cutting-edge tools, including a "Reality Room" of material for fighting the rapid-response wars in the age of Twitter, with shortened links prepped for key documents," Politico reports.

Eagle-eyed techPresident intern Andrew Seo spotted a batch of new photos on Huntsman's Facebook page — it's clear that his online team has waited until the day before his announcement to take the online identity of a recently-resigned ambassador and reshape it into one for a candidate.