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Jim Messina, Video Star?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 27 2011

Remember the kerfuffle from a few weeks ago over the fact that the Obama '12 campaign's video announcement didn't seem to be getting watched all that much, which was taken as a possible sign that that organization's vaunted email list might be a bit worn and torn?

You do? Excellent. Here's another data point to add to the discussion. On Monday, the campaign sent out and posted a video featuring campaign manager Jim Messina doing an insidery bullet-pointed "strategy update" of he sees the campaign playing out. Where the Obama announcement video, called "It Begins With You," has pulled in 468,000 YouTube views after being up for more than three weeks, Messina's video has pulled in 174,000 views in two days. Over on Facebook, the announcement video got 18,000 "Likes." The Messina video: 13,000. In other words, on raw numbers Messina isn't doing so bad considering he's competing against an official presidential announcement video for the re-election of the President of the United States.

Then again, that might be an advantage. The announcement video was great to look at, but it didn't feature Obama, and didn't really offer up supporters anything new other than the news that, surprise, Obama was running again. If supporters have a hunger for the sort of chewy goodness that Messina is serving up, that might show a healthy appetite for the campaign. Of course, what we might be seeing here is simply that folks wanted to get a good look at Messina for what, for many of them, must have been the first time.