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Government of Japan Asks for 'Apps for Japan'

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 6 2011

The government of Japan's IT Project Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Policy has put out an open call for the development of websites and apps to help in the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquakes that rocked the country:

As a first step, METI is cooperating with “Tasukeai Japan”. We are calling for the development of websites and apps that will make available the volunteering information provided by this organization.

In addition, we are presently considering options for projects aimed at addressing the expected rise in electricity demand during the summer. As with previous apps aimed at addressing the electricity situation, information on these projects will be provided through Twitter. Please keep checking our feed for further information.

Click through for more information on what the government is calling for.

My question to techPresident readers is: Are there other examples of a national government making such an open call for volunteerism from developers before?

Update: Yup!