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Google+ 'Parliament' Circle Gains Three Members: Cameron, Clegg, Miliband

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, September 14 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour Party leader Ed Miliband and top Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg have all joined Google +, the Financial Times reports:

By bringing all three major parties onto the site at once, at least Google can avoid the persistent criticism for being too close to the Conservatives; executive chairman Eric Schmidt an economic advisor to the prime minister and communications chief Rachel Whetstone married to Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron’s director of strategy and close friend.

Google is also keen to emphasise that these are personal profiles (it doesn’t yet allow brand or corporate pages), that will be used for personal as well as public communication, no doubt by putting constituents, political opponents and friends into different Circles (Facebook last night announced improvements to its existing Lists feature to catch up).

(h/t Daniel Teweles)