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Genies, Bottles and the British Courts

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 20 2011

The British courts are trying to figure out how to stop leaks of material protected by privacy orders from reaching the public through blogs and social media, the Guardian reports. Comments from Lord Chief Justice Igor Judge, head of the British judiciary:

The names of those people who had taken out anonymity orders have been circulating, sometimes inaccurately, on Twitter. "Anybody can put anything on [such sites]," he said.

Lord Judge said he believed that ways would be found to curtail the "misuse of modern technology" in the same way that those involved with online child pornography were pursued by the police. "Are you really going to say that someone who has a true claim for protection perfectly well made has to be at the mercy of modern technology?" he asked.

"I'm not giving up on the possibility that people who peddle lies about others through using technology may one day be brought under control, maybe through damages, very substantial damages, maybe even injunctions to stop them peddling lies."

(Via Mathias Klang)