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On the Etiquette of Fund-Raising Emails

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, September 13 2011

Politico gets all Emily Post on fundraising emails in an item on an ill-advised email invitation to attend a fundraiser for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.). The invite was sent such that all recipients could see one another rather than listing addressees in the "bcc" field, where they would be hidden:

“I hate it when it happens in business or politics. It’s just sloppy work,” said Dave Wenhold of Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, who received the fundraiser solicitation.

“They shouldn’t be showing the names of the people they are inviting,” Robert Deposada, a former Republican National Committee director of Hispanic affairs.

Politico's Dave Levinthal also quotes a campaign consultant who points out that a mailer program like Mailchimp or Constant Contact would have prevented BCC woes for law firm Becker & Poliakoff, which sent the message. Things aren't quite that easy — programs like Mailchimp are built around the idea that recipients are subscribing for repeated contacts with your organization, and if too many people unsubscribe from a given email, will suspend your account — but the law firm certainly isn't the first or last group in politics to break this unwritten rule.