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Enter Mitt Romney

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, April 11 2011

The former Republican governor of Massachusetts inches closer to the presidency today. In what's become the default delivery mechanism for this sort of news in American politics, Romney pushed out a web video in which he reveals the creation of a presidential exploratory committee. In it, Romney stands before an athletic field at the University of Early Primary State New Hampshire, and without naming names, dings Obama on job creation on his watch, comparing that to Romney's own career in business.

"This effort isn't about a person," says Romney. "It's about the cause of American freedom, and greatness."

According to title card on it, Romney's video was created, well, today. And where former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty's announcement video was cinematic and Obama's own re-election bid video dramatic, Romney's two and a half minute "Believe in America" spot is rather plain. There's nary a swell of music to be found -- just Romney looking straight ahead into a camera.

His site has been revamped to house the video and the early workings of an online campaign. (He's actually had the .com for some time. His corresponding is registered to one John S. Pulawski of Southbridge, MA, but it's down at the moment.) As for the site, its "Stand with Mitt" button that points to a simple email collection form. "Join the Community" pushes supporters off-site, to Romney's Facebook page. And "Donate Now" links to a BlueSwarm-powered contribution form.

Here's one thing you notice from the site: Romney's wearing the same shirt in his announcement video, recorded today, as in his in the headshot on the site. What do you make of that? Just good coordination? Or is that just his favorite shirt?