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Egyptian Economic Development Exec Says Internet Shutdown Was One-Time Thing

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, June 29 2011

The chief executive officer of Egypt's Information Technology Industry Development Agency, Yasser Elkady, promises that the whole Internet blackout thing "will never happen again," Computerworld reports:

Elkady says the government is rewriting its telecommunications law in response to the former government's decision to kill Internet access. The law won't necessarily preempt the government's ability from shutting down the Internet but will likely set many reviews and approval processes to ensure that a similar action does not happen again, he said.

Elkady, a former Cisco executive who held his position at the economic development agency through the revolution that upturned Egypt's government and through continued unrest there, is in the United States to reassure American IT companies that Egypt is still "a good place to do business," Computerworld's Patrick Thibodeau writes.

(With Becky Kazansky)