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Dueling D.C. Events Happening Now: House Republicans and White House Websites

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 12 2011

Two events in Washington, D.C., with big online components, are about to get started: a Facebook event with the House Republican New Media Caucus, about how members of Congress are using social media to connect with constituents, and a White House event with New Media Director Macon Phillips, federal website management expert Sheila Campbell and Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra on improving federal websites.

The Facebook chat will "engage the Facebook community in a conversation about how members of Congress are using Facebook and other social media services to connect with constituents, interact with colleagues, and inform other interested parties about their activities in Washington and at home," according to a Facebook press release.

The White House event is tied into President Barack Obama's push to consolidate the number of federal websites, part of a campaign to cut government waste generally.