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'Draft Warren' Campaign Already Raking In the Bucks Online

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 19 2011

A Progressive Change Campaign Committee fundraising effort to draft Elizabeth Warren launched yesterday has already raised $40,000.

David Catanese reported yesterday that the PCCC had raised $15,000 in only four hours, building a legal fund for the chief architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to tap should she decide to challenge Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts that he currently occupies:

It's also meant to show the fundraising prowess Warren would bring to a race with an incumbent sitting on a $10 million warchest.

In addition to the Warren fund, the PCCC has a separate fund set up on ActBlue that has taken in nearly $5,000. That's money that will be devoted to the liberal group's online ads promoting its campaign to draft Warren into the race.