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Did the Internet Care About the GOP Primary Debate?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 6 2011

So last night's Republican primary debate, despite being so early and without a party headliner, still managed to outdo chatter about Osama bin Laden in terms of Twitter conversation:

"GOP" in Twitter mentions as seen through Trendistic, compared to "obl" (for references to Osama bin Laden) and, as a baseline, the always popular "bacon."

But did it change how the Internet thinks of each candidate? Doesn't look that way. The Google Autocomplete results I saw for "Tim Pawlenty" were too juvenile to bother sharing, and the ones for "Rick Santorum" are too offensive for a family blog — because of a longstanding, concerted effort to link his name with what Wikipedia politely refers to as a "sexual neologism," a project we've mentioned before.