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The Data-Driven Occupiers

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, October 19 2011

Writing for Fast Company, Sean Captain writes that Occupy Wall Street is just as data-driven an operation as any other native to the 21st century:

Coverage of the technology at Occupy Wall Street focuses on the neat-o, young-people elements such as Twitter, Facebook, live streaming video, and a sleepover atmosphere. But Occupy Wall Street also employs the kind of heavy-duty data crunching and analysis found at marketing firms and universities. In fact, two of the volunteers, business analyst Harrison Schultz and professor Hector R. Cordero-Guzman from the Baruch College School of Public Affairs, today released a study based on a survey of 1,619 visitors to the site on October 5. And about a quarter of them have also attended occupation events. So they aren't all armchair activists.

Captain digs into the survey results over at FastCo. And, if you missed it, check out his really quite good dispatch on how it looked to watch Occupy Wall Street coalesce on the ground.