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Crossroads GPS Aims to Wiki Obama's FOIA

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 23 2011

Looks like Crossroads GPS, the offshoot of American Crossroads associated with Karl Rove, isn't satisfied with the Justice Department's brand-new clearinghouse. Meet Wikicountability:

Wikicountability is a repository for Freedom of Information Act requests and other legally obtained official documents. This wiki is community contributed and community edited. The site is a project of Crossroads GPS, founded for the purpose of publicly sharing information obtained through FOIA and other important reports, documents and analyses.

Obama has taken heat in recent weeks for doing little to improve responses to Freedom of Information Act requests. And, likely because Obama claimed transparency as a political virtue, the topic seems to have renewed political salience. The idea of making public the process of making documents public drives everything from DocumentCloud to the RECAP project on PACER docs, but there's no ripping this move from its political context. Democratic strategist Kombiz Lavasany isn't impressed. "Really happy that Crossroads is all into transparency now, wonder if they're going to release their donors," he tweeted. "Can I FOIA that?" Registered as a non-profit, Crossroads GPS isn't legally bound to disclose who funds it.