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BY Nick Judd | Thursday, September 22 2011

The online campaigns platform has acquired Actuable, the Spanish-language online campaigns platform.

From the press release:

The announcement, made Tuesday night at an event in Madrid celebrating the two year anniversary of Actuable, follows a period of record growth in global online campaigning. Over the last year, both and Actuable have been used to drive hundreds of prominent social change campaigns, with dozens of online petition campaigns going viral and regularly gaining the support of hundreds of thousands of people in more than 175 countries around the world. The two platforms have almost quadrupled the size of their memberships since the beginning of the year and together expect to have tens of millions of members over the next couple years.

A spokesman clarified in a follow-up email that the U.S. company acquired Actuable.

" has acquired Actuable, so as of 2012 only the brand will live on. The current Actuable team will become Spain," director of communications Benjamin Joffe-Walt explained. made news recently by alleging that its infrastructure was under attack from Chinese hackers, apparently in retaliation for a petition demanding the release of then-imprisoned artist Ai Weiwei.

This post has been updated. and Actuable announced a merger, not an acquisition. Then, I received confirmation that did acquire Actuable — so, there you go.