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Biz Stone Talks About Twitter and the State Department

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, June 29 2011

Writing for The Atlantic from the Aspen Ideas Festival, Alexis Madrigal has a gem from Biz Stone, the Twitter co-founder, in which Stone expresses unease at how "cozy" the State Department is with Twitter.

"... I maintain that it has to be a neutral technology because there are different forms of democracy," Madrigal quotes Stone as saying in a much longer excerpt that he has posted here, along with audio.

The question of how communication technology companies like Twitter and government entities like State should behave with one another has been growing in importance since at least 2009, when State Department officials asked Twitter to delay a service outage that would cut daytime service to Iranians during unrest in that country. Madrigal wrote a fascinating piece earlier this year when Facebook was weighing how to be a platform for users and also remain neutral in political unrest when Tunisian authorities appeared to be hacking the Facebook pages of activists in that country.