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A Bad Rap for Rick Perry, On A Bad Rap About Rick Perry

BY Nick Judd | Monday, October 3 2011

Over at Ben Smith's blog, the eponymous writer passes along an observation from one of his readers — for the reader, YouTube serves up an anti-Perry, pro-Mitt Romney Google ad alongside Perry Gal Stefanie Heminger's latest pro-Perry rap, a video that has racked up not quite 28,000 views in about a month.

When I look at the same video, the only political hard sell I get is one from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a nonprofit with programs that build support for the state of Israel, urging me to "Stand With Israel." Reloading the video over and over again, ads for "Stand with Israel" occurred occasionally, as did spots for computer components and other apolitical pitches. Here's the Fellowship ad: