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Apps Contests Are "Alive and Well"

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 19 2011

Open government developer Mark Headd objects to Government Technology's recent article on the future of municipal apps contests, the one that I wrote up here. Headd suggests that some of the assumptions and observations in the piece were flawed. A taste of a much longer piece:

The record for success on all technology startups is daunting, and yet governments spend considerable sums funding startups through economic development activities, tax benefits and support for VCs (some governments provide resources to back VC and “angel” investor funds).

Why is there a different standard for open gov startups?

That said, "examining the return on investment for government sponsored app contests, and looking for ways to make them more usful and successful, is a very good thing," writes Headd. Far easier to assess is whether apps contests are still being held, and there Headd points to scores of them. Give it a read.