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Anne Marie Slaughter on the 'Foreign Policy Frontier'

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, July 28 2011

Anne Marie Slaughter at Personal Democracy Forum 2011, held in June at New York University. Photo: Esty Stein / PdF

Writing for The Atlantic yesterday, international affairs professor and former Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Dpeartment Anne Marie Slaughter announces a recurring look at international affairs in the networked world:

But, in case anyone hasn't noticed, the traditional tools of fighting, talking, pressuring, and persuading government-to-government really aren't working so well. Thirty years of urging reform produced next to nothing; 6 months of digitally and physically organized social protests and a political earthquake is shaking the broader Middle East. Twenty years of working toward a treaty to govern carbon emissions has barely yielded an informal "accord." Yet measures taken by 40 cities organized by the Bloomberg Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative will have far more impact.

Slaughter promises to work out the broader concepts for effective policymaking in the networked world through a new feature, "Notes from the Foreign Policy Frontier."

And, in a bit of an aw-shucks moment for us, she writes that the people who convened at Personal Democracy Forum this year led her to conclude "that the 1970s slogan of 'Think Global, Act Local' could updated to a 21st century activist mantra, 'Build Local, Go Global, and Change the World.'"