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Andy Carvin's Middle East Tweeting

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 13 2011

The Washington Post's Paul Farhi profiles Andy Carvin, the NPR social media strategist who has been tweeting and retweeting about the uprisings in the Middle East for months now. Farhi considers what Carvin is up to: "There isn’t really a name for what Carvin does — tweet curator? social-media news aggregator? interactive digital journalist? — but that may be because this form of reporting is still being invented."

Critique comes from...Adam Curry (raise your hand if you remember his VJ days): "Who knows where some of this is coming from? I’m not saying Andy’s a bad guy or has an agenda. But I do think it’s worth asking what NPR thinks it’s doing." For his part, Carvin defends the medium as self-correcting.