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Anatomy of a Debt Debate, 140 Characters at a Time

BY Nick Judd | Monday, July 25 2011

As negotiations over the U.S. government's debt continue, both Republicans and Democrats have been spending more and more time making their cases on Twitter.

Check out this graph from the social media analytics site, showing the number of tweets over the past month from House Speaker John Boehner's official account, the White House official account, and the account of White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer:


Both sides have been using Twitter to push the message of the moment, and to shoot back at parts of the incrementally produced tick-tock on this debate that they don't like.

Pfeiffer has been rejecting the premise of stories and pointing his followers to a more White House-approved narrative. Boehner's account manager has been passing along facts that support the Republican leader of the House and attacking the White House.

With the current mile-a-minute pace of Washington politics, maybe Twitter is the only platform fast enough to keep up.