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After Hacking Attack, Fox News Twitter Account Falsely Claims Obama 'Assassinated'

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, July 5 2011

The Fox News Twitter account @foxnewspolitics was hacked over the weekend, and Fox News has said the hackers were behind a series of tweets sent on Monday that falsely said President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

Adam Peck, the outgoing editor of Think, a magazine operated by students of SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island in New York, spoke with the hackers who broke in to Fox News' account. They didn't take credit for the false tweets about Obama, Peck reports.

The group responsible, which calls itself The Script Kiddies, said it was joining an Anonymous-led operation to target target governments and Internet security consultants by stealing and leaking government documents.

Here's Peck's reporting, through the lens of the Times (the original is linked above):

According to the instant-message record, which Mr. Peck provided to The New York Times, the person with whom he communicated at Script Kiddies said that Fox News “was selected because we figured their security would be just as much of a joke as their reporting.”

Twitter says the attack, like so many others, struck the weakest link in the security chain: Users.

"The email account associated with the specific Twitter feed had been compromised," the Times' Liz Robbins and Brian Stelter report.

The vulnerabilities presented by doing business — and government — online seem to be getting increasing attention. The New York City commuter paper AM New York led with an item today on the recent attack on Sony's PlayStation 3 network and yesterday's attack on Fox News. Today, The Register reports that a report from the British Parliament's Public Accounts Committee warns that current plans to move more interactions with government online "only makes one reference to cyber-security."

(Via Poynter)