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Adriel Hampton is Joining NationBuilder

BY Nick Judd | Friday, May 6 2011

Gov2.0Radio's Adriel Hampton, formerly with the San Francisco City Attorney, will join Jim Gilliam's NationBuilder project as its chief organizer, Gilliam told me in a Twitter direct message.

Hampton is a well-known figure in the Gov 2.0 community, a group of people who are focused on using technology, especially Internet technologies, to make government more efficient and responsive. His Gov2.0Radio program has been a platform for people like O'Reilly Media founder Tim O'Reilly, Craig Newmark (of craigslist, natch), and author William D. Eggers. Gilliam, of Brave New Films fame, just launched NationBuilder as a cheap, lightweight platform for activists to build and mobilize online communities in new ways — that is, with an emphasis on mobile, fundraising and social networking over older tactics like online petitions.

I previously covered NationBuilder's launch here.

Update: GovFresh's Luke Fretwell pointed out that the list of notable Gov2.0Radio guests was missing two things: a conjunction, and his name. The full list of Gov2.0Radio podcasts is here.