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2012, Now with More Serifs

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 12 2011

The Obama campaign's new Gotham font, which has serifs that its 2008 version didn't.

In a roundup of their tour of Obama '12's Chicago headquarters, Politico's Ben Smith and Byron Tau bring us back this on the all-important campaign font front:

Even the graphic design seems to reflect the prestige of an incumbent president: Some banners have added serifs to the streamlined, modern sans-serif fonts that defined the '08 campaign.

Or as presidential typographers at Hoefler & Frere-Jones put it, "Can we add serifs to Gotham? For the President of The United States? Yes We Can."

In perhaps even newsier news, Smith and Tau report that Buffy Wicks, a key organizer for the campaign in 2008 who went into the Obama administration, is back on board for 2012.