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Silicon Valley's "Obi-Wan," Ron Conway, Pulls Tech Startups Into Politics

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, January 28 2013

SV Angel Founder Ron Conway outside San Francisco City Hall Jan. 2012 protesting SOPA/PIPA Photo: Lai Stirland

Ron Conway is well known in Silicon Valley for his ability to connect entrepreneurs to each other and to potential investors — so much so that one news account from August quotes a Valley insider as calling him the "Obi-Wan" of the next generation of web startups. In recent months, however, he's also been trying to use his influence get other tech-sector figures more involved in politics. During San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's campaign, for example, the Conway-backed social voting platform Votizen announced that Conway-backed candidate Lee was among its first clients. Friends of Conway like Biz Stone and MC Hammer appeared in an endorsement video for Lee, a remix of Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit." But as the speaker list at the closed-door St. Francis event shows, Conway is doing more than facilitating flashy announcements. The ongoing national debate around gun violence has become a chapter in Conway's quest to nudge Silicon Valley towards a political identity. Read More

Ron Conway Rallies Tech Community To Support New Lobbying Group Sandy Hook Promise

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, January 14 2013

A new non-profit lobbying group formed by several members of the Newtown, Connecticut community is launching Monday with the help of the technology community in Silicon Valley. Read More

Reimagine How Cities Work At TEDx City 2.0 This Weekend

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, October 12 2012

If you're at a loss on what to do this week-end, go find inspiration at one of these TEDxCity2.0 talks this Saturday, which are meetings that are happening all around the world from Johannesburg to Jaipur. The organizers ... Read More