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Daily Digest: Short Hop from Wasilla to World

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 8 2008

The pushback against Sarah Palin's dig at community organizers seems to have legs; we look at how one email went from Wasilla, Alaska, out to the world at breathtaking speed; some conservatives find themselves having a ... Read More

Daily Digest: Palin's Thunder Unleashes Fundraising Avalanche -- for Dems

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, September 5 2008

Reactions to McCain's speech, Palin's speech spurs major fundraising haul... for Democrats, insightful RNC reporting by Twitter, and John McCain's Green Screen goof, Read More

Daily Digest: Sarah Palin Has a Posse

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 4 2008

Some voters may still be working out their reaction to Sarah Palin's hard charging speech last night, but her address and its sustained needling of Barack Obama certainly won insta-plaudits on the online right; Former ... Read More

Dog Whistles, Community Organizing and Online Fundraising [UPDATED--Obama on Track to Raise $10M By Tonight]

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, September 4 2008

Online fundraising seems to work best when underlying receptivity to a message combines with a sense of urgency. Thus, last week, immediately after John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP pick, his campaign received ... Read More

Daily Digest: GOP Convo Burns Up the Tubes

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 3 2008

We point to some great sites to best equip you for viewing the Republican National Convention happening in St. Paul this week; videos of an earlier Sarah Palin debate performance are flying around the Interweb as both ... Read More

Daily Digest: An "Edit This" Kinda Week?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 1 2008

Fresh off a great online fundraising haul linked to John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate, the GOP is figuring out how to cope with Hurricane Gustav; the protests around the convention in St. Paul may ... Read More

Are Palin, Biden Aware of the Internet?

BY Nancy Scola | Sunday, August 31 2008

Much has been made here and elsewhere about John McCain's admission that he's illiterate -- computer illiterate, that is. But now that the tickets on both the Republican and Democratic sides have been fleshed out with ... Read More

McCain's Folly? Botching the Chance to Define Sarah Palin

BY Nancy Scola | Saturday, August 30 2008

Upon hearing the startling news yesterday that John McCain had tapped Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate, the first thing many of us in the Lower 49 did was to hustle to our computers, ... Read More

Little Known Fact: Sara Palin Storms Twitter

BY Dave Witzel | Friday, August 29 2008

After all, it is Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend. You can afford to take a few minutes to learn more about Sara Palin and maybe have a quiet chuckle... Read More

Daily Digest: Split-Screening Obama Speech and Palin VP Pick

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, August 29 2008

Liveblogging the DNC; sleuthing out McCain's VP pick; Sarah Palin will make these bloggers happy; Get your; McCain's classy and messy moves; Obama's text-messaging machine revs up. Read More