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First POST: Dirty Socks

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 14 2014

The one thing you should read about Emma and Bill Keller's "cancer-shaming" columns; the privacy issues embedded in the "internet of things"; Josh Cohen's Open Supporter Data Initiative; and much, much more. Read More

After CEO Ousted at Salsa Labs, Some Ask: Will It Stay "Progressive?"

BY Nick Judd | Friday, October 19 2012

A leadership shakeup at Salsa Labs has some clients worried that the traditionally progressive firm, which accepted an injection of venture capital last year, may be preparing to discard its ideological association. Salsa officials say the company will continue to only serve progressive causes and their allies. Salsa co-founder Chris Lundberg was ousted as CEO by the company's board of directors and another director, Scott Stouffer, appointed to replace him, Salsa officials confirmed to me Friday. Read More

Salsa Labs: A Personal Democracy Plus "Quick Look"

BY Sam Roudman | Friday, August 3 2012

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: Looking for an online organizing platform and not sure where to start? Personal Democracy Plus Quick Looks are our guide to the tools of the trade in online politics and advocacy. Salsa Labs is a scalable, low-cost online advocacy platform for progressives. Contributing writer Sam Roudman explains what it does best and where there's room for improvement. Read More

Blue State Digital Lowers Its Prices As Partisan Software Debate Continues

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, July 17 2012

Blue State Digital is launching a campaign to court the lower-end campaign and advocacy customer base that NationBuilder has spent the past two years successfully scooping up. But grassroots candidates on the "wrong" side of the political spectrum like Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, who's running to unseat Democratic incumbent Marcy Kaptur in Ohio's Ninth District, need not apply. Read More