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"Organizer," the Software Company That Wants To Make Campaign Field Offices Obsolete

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, April 16 2013

Organizer Founder Ralph Garvin, Jr. took the drudgery of his 2008 campaign experience and turned it into a startup.

If people-powered, neighbor-to-neighbor campaigns are the future of political persuasion, as President Barack Obama's former campaign manager Jim Messina suggests it is, then the practice is in need of a serious upgrade. That's exactly what Ralph Garvin hopes to bring to the table with Organizer, a new political software suite that just landed two big, early clients, the labor-backed Working Families Party and Howard Dean's grassroots group, Democracy for America. Read More is the solution we need, but it's still out of reach

BY David All | Saturday, September 22 2007

CRM software is hardly as sexy as Web 2.0 or nifty socnet strategies, but it's the reason why some of our favorite companies are able to make the world of the "Long Tail" niche available and profitable. With its tool ... Read More