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Bill Bratton and the Ideology of Data: NYC and the Future of Policing

BY Ingrid Burrington | Friday, December 6 2013

New York City Compstat weekly crime data, 11/18-24/13

The disappointment and outrage at Bill de Blasio's appointment of Bill Bratton as NYPD Police Commissioner isn't just about stop-and-frisk. It isn't just about Bratton's profiteering in the private security industry. It's also about data--how governments think about data, how they use (and misuse) data, and what happens when that data means more to governments than the human beings and lives it's supposed to represent.

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"Social Networking and the Presidential Campaigns" at the Politics Online Conference

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Friday, February 22 2008

For those of you attending (or thinking of attending) the upcoming Politics Online Conference, consider attending a panel I have assembled: Social Networking/Media Strategy of the Presidential Campaigns. While it may be ... Read More

Our Favorite Videos of the Week: Who's Freefalling?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, February 1 2008

It’s the last Friday before Super Tuesday — gosh, are we really here? — and we’re chock full of fun vids. Hulk Hogan “endorses” Barack Obama; Mike Gravel produces another talk/rap ... Read More

The Money Myth

BY Patrick Ruffini | Thursday, January 31 2008

If he wins, John McCain will have spent roughly $40 million to secure the nomination against two vastly better funded opponents. That is a far cry from the conventional wisdom that it would take $100 million to compete. ... Read More

Daily Digest: And Then There Were Seven

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 30 2008

Announcing Personal Democracy Forum 2008!; YouBama combines YouTube and Digg to show the most popular pro-Barack Obama videos; a geek comic hero supports Obama; Danny Glover's Beltway Blogroll and Technology Daily ... Read More

This Week's Favorite Videos: Ron Paul's Family Holds Him Captive!

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, December 14 2007

In an all-GOP edition of the week's favorite videos, Fred Thompson takes a stand, a satiric Mike Huckabee ad manages to insult just about every Republican in Iowa, we see a quieter, God-fearing Chuck Norris, Rudy ... Read More

Daily Digest: Tag Clouds as Truth Serum

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, December 12 2007

The tag clouds accompanying the Washington Post's candidate profiles are unexpectedly revealing; Ben Smith searches for the truth behind site that is vigorously pro-Hillary and anti-everyone else; a new site covering the ... Read More

Daily Digest: How Will McCain Fare on MySpace and MTV?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, December 3 2007

John McCain is the next candidate up in the MTV/MySpace presidential dialogues; we'll be liveblogging it direct from New Hampshire; dirty emails tricks are cropping up in Iowa; YouTube encourages user responses to the ... Read More

Daily Digest: Save the Debate Says No More CNN

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, November 30 2007

More on the CNN/YouTube debate: Save the Debate wants CNN out of the YouTube debate process; finds a smattering of truth-bending among the candidates; IPDI gets their criticism on; regardless of criticism, ... Read More

Rudy Giuliani Launches "Team Rudy" Social Network

BY David All | Thursday, November 29 2007

Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani will announce later tonight the launch of their social networking platform, "Team Rudy," which you can access now at Continue after the jump for ... Read More