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Daily Digest: Qik! Follow that Congressman!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 28 2008

A fake superdelegate on YouTube; Hillary can't catch a break online; Grover Norquist shows up in the RNC's "Can We Ask" campaign; graphic designers get out the vote; new speakers announced for PdF 2008; John McCain ... Read More

Daily Digest: Who Stole David Brooks?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 23 2008

David Brooks talks about geeks, tech, and politics; dreams of an Obama-Webb ticket; CQ's VP contest is over, and the winner is...; a new study suggests that HuffPo readers aren't as homogeneous as you think; two new ... Read More

Daily Digest: Drafting a Digital New Deal [UPDATE]

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 13 2008

An anti-Hillary Facebook glitch; looking for the Digital New Deal; looking at the average worth of legislators vs. American families; White House Rocks and the superdelegate superheroes; a Mediabistro circus will focus ... Read More

Daily Digest: Can We Ask?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 9 2008

Jose Antonio Vargas thinks Barack Obama's early popularity online pointed to his electoral success; Color of Change hits Hillary for "race-baiting"; Al Franken is annoyed by a pesky blogger; the New York Times botches ... Read More

The Online Impact of McCain's Decentralized Campaign

BY Patrick Ruffini | Tuesday, March 18 2008

Last week, the McCain campaign announced a break from the BC'04 command-and-control model in the political department. There will be no political director, and instead authority will be devolved to the states and ... Read More

Daily Digest: Telenovelas Get the Vote Out

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, January 28 2008

Voto Latino combines the telenovela with voter registration; the brief rise and fall of Unity 08; why are we seeing such a rise in Democratic voter turnout?; the Clinton Spendometer makes an outrageous claim about ... Read More

Daily Digest: Huckabee Is An Ewok?

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, January 22 2008

Jeff Jarvis rounds up the many, many ways to chop, splice, and parse online data about the elections; General JC Christian produces a Second Life parody site devoted to Mike Huckabee; Al Qaeda asks its members to submit ... Read More

Daily Digest: Clinton Discovers Young People!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 9 2008

So the winners in NH or Clinton and McCain, much to everyone's surprise. Mike Connery has an excellent explanation for Clinton's success among young voters; Jeff Jarvis wonders if Obama could be the first candidate ... Read More

Daily Digest: Making Caucus Calculus Easy

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, December 28 2007

Cool new maps illustrated the political blogosphere like never before; Voter Search lets you find out your voting status in New York State; the Iowa Caucus Calculator makes caucus calculus easy; Mitt Romney and John ... Read More

Data Wars: DNC vs RNC

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, October 23 2007

The Republican National Committee just launched a new online game called Scariest Democrat, a Halloween-themed contest attacking the Democratic presidential field that invites visitors to "click on the Scariest ... Read More