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Texas's Right Roots

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, May 9 2011

Technology forced the Texas state Senate into bypassing a two-thirds majority requirement in passing budget legislation last week, argues the Austin Statesman's Jason Embry. Especially on the Republican side of things, ... Read More


BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 27 2010

If you talk to people who worked on the web side of things in the big recent wins Republicans had in Massachusetts, with Senator-elect Scott Brown, and Virginia, with Governor Bob McDonnell, you hear something over and ... Read More

A Thoroughly Modern GOP

BY Nancy Scola | Sunday, April 19 2009

Mother Jones' Jonathan Stein does a 'greatest flubs' rundown of the modern Republican party when it comes to just about anything having to do with zeros and ones, pixels and/or power cords. There most likely aren't any ... Read More

The One-Sided Blog Battle Over Harold Koh

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 3 2009

There's controversy brewing around Barack Obama's pick for what's arguably the State Department's most important legal post. What's particular relevant for us here is how it's playing out almost completely within the ... Read More

Ruffini: Stop Smothering GOP Leaders in the Crib

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 10 2009

"It's time this stopped," writes the Next Right's Patrick Ruffini. Read More

"A 50-Megaton Warhead That's Been Dropped on Conservative Washington"

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 5 2009

The Next Right's Patrick Ruffini is warning conservative allies about the coming press-pocalypse. Using Bobby Jindal as a model, Ruffini traces attempts to "delegitimize and destroy up-and-coming Republicans" ... Read More

GOP Tech Summit: Critics, You Got a Better Idea?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, February 11 2009

We noted yesterday that this Friday, the 13th, the RNC is throwing open its doors in southeast DC for what it has branded the "GOP Tech Summit." It's a cattle call, with anyone willing to be in Washington for ... Read More

Ignite GOP

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 10 2009

The Republican National Committee is hosting its own version of an O'Reilly Ignite event this Friday, with a day-long session at RNC headquarters given over to five-minute presentations on how the GOP can use technology ... Read More

Daily Digest: Forget Sod. Will Obama's Bill Stimulate the Grassroots?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 29 2009

Even after dropping a $20 million provision for resodding the National Mall, Barack Obama's $819 billion stimulus package came up with a big goose egg when it comes to Republican votes in the House. And that's not to ... Read More