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Daily Digest: The One with Obama's VP Pick!

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 22 2008

No, not really. Instead, we look at the seemingly instantaneous response yesterday to the hubbub over where John McCain hangs his hat(s); C-SPAN does a convention-inspired upgrade, pulling in an impressive amount of ... Read More

Convention Rules; Missing the Boat in Denver and Minneapolis

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, August 22 2008

When will the political conventions enter the Connected Age? That question has been bouncing around my mind recently as we at techPresident keep fielding phone calls from reporters doing stories on Barack Obama's ... Read More

Promoting Your Own Convention

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Thursday, August 21 2008

It simply boggles my mind that neither the Republican or Democratic Party websites link to their respective convention websites from their homepages. Nor do they even mention the conventions--no dates, no locations, no ... Read More

Daily Digest: In Party Politics, Who Pays for the Party?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, August 20 2008

The Sunlight Foundation takes *all* the fun out of the upcoming political conventions by highlighting who's paying for the crudites; a new profile of the X-Men-like Obama online team sparks a bit of professional jealousy ... Read More