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21st Century Statecraft: State Dept. Eyes the Challenge of Conducting Diplomacy in "Messy Spaces"

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 2 2009

As we all know, in international diplomacy a word choice here or there can mean the difference between smooth international engagement and a diplomatic tussle. Now, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has, as we've been ... Read More

Why State's New Media Delegation Went to Iraq

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 23 2009

(Photo by Scott Heiferman) Read More

The Right Pick to Lead State's Public Diplomacy?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 16 2009

Yesterday, the White House announced the nomination of Judith A. McHale to the position of Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the State Department. Read More

A Digital State: Off the Campaign Trail, Clinton Takes to New Media

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 24 2009

In an exit interview with the new Public Diplomacy Magazine, former State Department point person on online/offline diplomacy James Glassman reports, "In my humble opinion Web 2.0 has completely changed this ... Read More

State, Agencies Working Out the Details to Get Online

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, February 11 2009

Deciding to "go naked" and expose yourself online is a difficult enough decision. When you represent some part of the sprawling federal government, though, there's more to contend with than just personal ... Read More

War and social media: Israel's public diplomacy on Gaza [updated]

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 30 2008

Israel's social media offensives -- on Twitter and on YouTube -- in the days since the start of air attacks in Gaza includes attempts that seemed aim at winning the war of public opinion on the idea that the military ... Read More