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Join Rudy joins us in the modern world

BY David All | Tuesday, September 4 2007

As the Washington Post reported, this past weekend visitors to Rudy Giuliani's campaign website ( came face-to-face with a placeholder which read, "Happy Labor Day Weekend! is down ... Read More

McCain's Straight-Talk Express takes a turn in the blogosphere

BY David All | Thursday, March 29 2007

Is John McCain actually starting to "get it?" I would argue so. At least the evidence is starting to look that way. Let's dig in... Read More

Duncan Hunter’s broadband bypass strategy

BY David All | Tuesday, March 27 2007

Duncan Hunter's campaign team has come to a few realizations: He's not the front-runner. He can't command media attention like some of the other nominees. And his biggest strength is his unique blend of being both a ... Read More

Who is Chris Dodd?

BY David All | Tuesday, March 13 2007

Democratic Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd hits it out of the park with his appearance on Jon Stewart. Read More