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How Tech-Savvy Podemos Became One of Spain’s Most Popular Parties in 100 Days

BY Carola Frediani | Monday, August 11 2014

The Podemos banner asks, "When is the last time you voted with hope?" (Podemos Uvieu/flickr)

Podemos (“We Can”), a new Spanish party established in March 2014, disrupted their nation’s political scene when it swept up five seats out of 54 and 1.2 million votes (8% of the total) in the European elections in May even though it was only 100-days-old. With 704,585 likes on Facebook and 321,000 followers on Twitter, it has more online fans than any other Spanish political party.

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Arrested G20 Tweeter Says He's Waiting for His State Department Backup

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 7 2009

Elliot Madison, the New York anarchist arrested for texting and tweeting out news of a police order to disperse during the G20 protests, wryly told the host of the Democracy Now show that he's now "expecting the ... Read More