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TechPresident Podcast: Prosecutions and Politics

BY Nick Judd | Monday, May 20 2013

In this edition of the techPresident Podcast: The techPresident team talks about Silicon Valley politics, Internet entrepreneurs lobbying, and the transparency tribulations resulting from the Justice Department's subpoena of AP phone records. With: Sarah Lai Stirland, Nick Judd and Micah Sifry Sound editing: Sam Roudman Read More

TechPresident Podcast: "Open Government"

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 12 2013

Can technology improve communication between citizens and government? We've been closely watching the Knight News Challenge, a $5 million experiment that aims to find out. Micah Sifry, Nick Judd and David Eaves talk through our recent reporting on what's been tried and tested where technology and government meet. Read More

TechPresident Podcast: 21st-Century Statecraft; 21st-Century Republicans

BY TechPresident Staff | Monday, March 18 2013

As Alec Ross leaves the State Department and the Republican Party unveils plans to address its 2012 electoral failures, the week begins with a lot of news to process. Sarah Lai Stirland, Micah Sifry and Nick Judd parse recent events. Read More

A TechPresident Podcast: Mobile Money, "Citizenville" and the Sequester

BY TechPresident | Thursday, February 28 2013

In this episode of the techPresident podcast: SARAH LAI STIRLAND: I think Gavin Newsom is like the Richard Branson of policy. He's a social entrepeneur. He doesn't necessarily get all the details. Richard Branson has this book called, "Screw It, Just Do It," and I think that pretty much encapsulates Gavin Newsom's approach to trying new things. He talks about trying and not failing, and it might sound very familiar to us because we write about this stuff, and we cover a lot of innovative people in government. But I'm sure for a lot of smaller governments that's not their approach. And I'm sure this book is valuable on that level. Read More

Podcast: Data as Currency; During SOTU, Did We Reach Peak Stupid on Social Media?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, February 15 2013

This week, Micah Sifry wonders if the State of the Union response on social media signals that we've reached peak stupid; ProPublica reporter Lois Beckett talks with us about political data and what might happen to it now that elections are over; and communications consultant Shayna Englin discusses how data-driven campaign practices might — or might not — translate from the presidential campaigns into civic life.
Read More

PODCAST: What Makes an Internet-Ready Issue?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, January 18 2013

Today, open Internet advocates are celebrating "Internet Freedom Day," the anniversary of widespread online protest against the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act that rattled Congress enough to kill both bills. One year later, what does the nascent politically active web mean for members of Congress? For activists? And for individuals? In the first of what we hope to turn into a regular series of podcasts, editorial director Micah Sifry and I hash through how we think about these issues at techPresident. The full conversation is available for subscribers, but here's a quick overview of what we discussed: Read More