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Mainstream Media as Part of the Solution

BY Nick Judd | Monday, June 7 2010

At Personal Democracy Forum 2010, several thinkers on the subjects of media and government said media as we know it will have to change the way it relates to government in order to contribute in the 21st-century American ... Read More

"'I Make Websites' is No Longer Sufficient"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, June 4 2010

Susan Crawford told the crowd assembled at PdF '10 this morning that the days of technologists ignoring the politics of the technology landscape are over. "The Jimmy Wales response [of] 'I make websites,'" said ... Read More

Announcing the Pdf 2010 unConference

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 13 2010

Just a note to say that we'll be doing an "unconference" this year as day three (Saturday, June 5th) of the PdF conference coming up quickly here in New York City. The unconference model is focused on getting ... Read More