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Tracking the Stimulus

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 10 2009

Keeping track of the niggling detail differences between the House and Senate's competing version of the stimulus bill is a pain, but when those details cost in the millions and billions, it's something we've gotta do. ... Read More

Inside the Bailout: The Public Servants Our Hopes Are Riding On

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, January 5 2009

With the American economy showing about as much useful forward momentum as as a stripped-down Chevy up on cinder blocks in the front yard, people are naturally starting to get a bit curious as to whether the $700 billion ... Read More

Daily Digest: For Open Government, It's Put Up (Online) Time

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, January 5 2009

Republicans' Transparency Jujitsu: With the 111th session of Congress kicking off tomorrow and a mere 15 days until President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, getting his desired $700 billion (or so) ... Read More

Daily Digest: Is What Obama Knows of Us Worth Worrying Over?

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, December 12 2008

Obama Campaign Knows What You Did Last Summer: That the Obama campaign has a meticulously-gathered collection of data on our shoe sizes and coffee preferences stored in some pulsating brain deep below Chicago should, ... Read More

Open for Questions: Meh or Yay?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 10 2008

Say what you will about the jobs section on not ultimately leading to any actual, you know, employment or how Tom Daschle seemed to scan the first page of comments in his health care "discussion." ... Read More

Run Off an Extra Copy of Transition Meeting Memos, This One for the Public

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 8 2008

President-elect Barack Obama wants you in on a meeting. Which meeting? All of them. In its latest bid at transparency and participation, the transition team is putting all the memos, documents, and other written material ... Read More

Testing New Search Tools on Government & Campaign Information

BY Sarah Granger | Wednesday, December 3 2008

Back in the day, when Yahoo! was the only search game in town, many wondered why Ask Jeeves (now, and eventually Google would attempt to break into that market. The answer continues to be the same - although ... Read More

Eric Schmidt on Technology, National Infrastructure and Public Policy

BY Sarah Granger | Tuesday, November 18 2008

The following are notes from Eric Schmidt's talk at the New America Foundation today in Washington, D.C., as taken via webcast. Schmidt is largely known as the Chairman and CEO of Google, but he is also the Chairman of ... Read More vs.

BY Editors | Wednesday, November 12 2008

If President-elect Barack Obama and his transition team are looking for a model that uses the power of social networks and citizen democracy to open up government, they ought to bring their own homepage - - ... Read More

The District's Visionary "Apps for Democracy" Challenge

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 23 2008

Apps for Democracy is a remarkable contest for software developers launched by the city government of Washington DC. The challenge? Build applications for Facebook, iPhones, Google Maps, and more that make the lives of ... Read More