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A Growing Gap Between Gov 2.0's Haves and Have-Nots?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, July 30 2009

Last week in Washington DC occurred the Open Government and Innovations Conference (OGI), put on by the Department of Defense and the latest in a steady stream of conferences dedicated to the intersection of government, ... Read More

Government at the Edges: Noveck's View of Participatory Democracy

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, July 20 2009

This afternoon in Manhattan, the Markle Foundation hosted Beth Simone Noveck for a coming out party for her new book "Wiki Government," a work subtitled "How Technology Can Make Government Better, ... Read More

When Gov 2.0 Runs Smack into Its Predecessor

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 17 2009

We're not going to hold it against Charles Homans that he cites The Raven in Mt. Pleasant as his favorite DC bar (you locals know what I'm talking about) because his new Washington Monthly piece on data-driven government ... Read More

Knight Grantee Points to One Future of Public Information Sharing

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 25 2009

Yesterday's first public meeting of the Food and Drug Administration's new Transparency Task Force was dedicated to brainstorming ways to make the FDA more accessible, knowable, and accountable, and thus the question ... Read More

The Open Government Initiative: White House Kicks Off Final Public Input Phase

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 23 2009

Phase III -- the drafting phase -- of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy's Open Government Initiative (OGI) has begun with a period of collaborative drafting using Mixed Ink, the group writing ... Read More

When 72 Hours on Capitol Hill Beats Five Days at the White House

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 23 2009

The New York Times' Katharine Seelye notes that there is one promise that President Barack Obama has not, on the facts, kept since coming into office, and that's his pledge that bills emerging from Congress would get a ... Read More

Help Wanted: Rethinking Gov't 2.0's Legal Framework

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 18 2009

Over on the White House blog, U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra and Michael Fitzpatrick from the OMB Office of Information and Regulatory Policy (a.k.a. OIRA) plant a bit of a flag in the ground with a post calling out the ... Read More

What the White House is Thinking About How to Architect for Openness

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 15 2009

Taking a close look at the White House, it's not difficult to see that they're fairly quickly shifting focus from the "Why?" aspect of open government -- that is, making the case for why a more participatory, ... Read More