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With Rules Reform, New York City Council Aims for Open API

BY Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, May 15 2014

The New York City Council on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution amending its rules to require the Council Speaker to make available legislative tracking information data and discretionary funding data to the public in a machine-readable format, and City Council members and open government advocates see the changes as a basis for making legislative information available through an open API. Read More

Strapped for Cash, Election Info-Providing Project Vote Smart Might Have To Sell The Ranch

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, February 23 2012

Project Vote Smart's headquarters is located on a 160-acre Montana homestead and is largely powered by volunteers, pictured here

Project Vote Smart, a non-partisan voting information project whose volunteer-contributed research powers thousands of government, non-profit and commercial news web sites in the Web 2.0 age — including sites for the Federal Voting Assistance Program and CNN, among others — is struggling so much financially that its co-founder plans to suggest to his board that they literally sell the ranch. Read More