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No room on Facebook for fans of Berlusconi attacker (Updated)

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 16 2009

This weekend's attack on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi by a statuette wielding assailant tapped into some rising anti-Berlusconi sentiment in Italy, but that isn't the sort of bottom-up political organizing that ... Read More

The petition's real. The names, not so much.

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 14 2009

All is not well with the 90,000 signatures that the Israel Project is touting on a pro-Iran sanction web petition, finds the Washington Independent Spencer Ackerman. Read More

Virginia youth's YouTube comments caught attention of Taliban recruiter

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 14 2009

For all our talk about celebrating the unifying and empowering potential of technology, we can't ignore the fact that sometimes what is being strengthened is violent, dangerous extremism. We pretend that isn't the case ... Read More

Little site, big message

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, December 11 2009

Via Andrew Sullivan, this not-overly-safe-for-work microsite answers the question of whether the Human Rights Campaign is doing a poor job advocating for the rights of gay folk. Read More

Accountability Through Web 2.0: A Sudan Case Study

BY Ivan Boothe | Tuesday, November 17 2009

Ivan Boothe works with nonprofits and social change groups, developing websites and online strategy around advocacy, fundraising and member engagement. Previously, he was a co-founder of the Genocide Intervention Network ... Read More

You(r)Tube: Now You Too Can Collaborate, Curate

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 17 2009

Say you have in interest in having regular folks whip out their video cameras or cell phones and create wonderful video content for your organization, advocacy group, or news enterprise. There's a great deal of appeal ... Read More

China's "Netizens" Pry Open a Closed World

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, November 13 2009

The Washington Post's Keith B. Richburg has a great look at tech-empowered political and social resistance in China, where taking an online stand against the authorities can earn you much more than an unkind word from ... Read More

Plouffe: Obama's Finance Team Wanted an Online ATM

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 12 2009

As others have noted, David Plouffe's book on his time as campaign manager of Obama for America is surprisingly open and candid, more Dreams from my Father than the anodyne Audacity of Hope. Even only a few dozen pages ... Read More