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Sorry Mitt, I'm Calling Your Bluff [UPDATE]

BY Michael Turk | Tuesday, April 17 2007

The Politico's Jonathan Martin posts a breakdown of Mitt's numbers, as claimed by the campaign. If you look beyond the claim, the numbers just don't add up. Total Raised for the quarter: $23, 434, 634 Total ... Read More

The "When Factor" and Online Fundraising

BY Editors | Sunday, April 15 2007

This is my debut for comment. I've followed the discussion on Mitt$ and online fundraising generally and want to weigh in. The online world is NOT independent of the paper/direct mail and telemarketing world. They ... Read More

Tax Day Special Report: What is Online Fundraising?

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Sunday, April 15 2007

With all the attention being paid to how much money the candidates are raising online, I think we need to better understand what “online fundraising” means.  Does it just include funds that are solicited ... Read More

Watch My Lips

BY Editors | Wednesday, March 28 2007

Candidates should be doing more video-driven online fundraising. Read More