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Daily Digest: A Landmark Day! (Yawn)

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, August 6 2008

Myspace and the Commission on President Debates announce a partnership, Paris Hilton responds to McCain campaign's video, McCain continues the "celebrity" attacks, and Republican Twitter movement is hardly a movement at ... Read More

Seventeen online debates and counting...

BY Editors | Saturday, September 15 2007

It's time to set the record straight on the history of online political debates, in the wake of press reports and claims that this week's Yahoo!/HuffingtonPost/Slate debate was the first. Read More

Check Out the Daily Show Analysis of the CNN/YouTube Presidential Debate

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, July 24 2007

The Daily Show, as expected, delivered the definitive analysis of the CNN/YouTube debate. You have got to see it. Check it out here. Read More

Is Yahoo!’s online debate going to be fair and balanced?

BY David All | Thursday, April 26 2007

When mega-giant Yahoo! decides to play in the political sandbox, I’m going to pay attention. Yahoo! is currently ranked number one in “>’s Top 500. So when it was ... Read More

Daily Digest: 4/23/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 23 2007

The Web on the Candidates Over forty people have posted videos in response to John Edwards' question, "what are you going to do to bring about change?," which is part of YouTube's Spotlight series. Almost all of the ... Read More