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Google Grabbed Most of Obama's $16 Million in 2008

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, January 8 2009

(Crossposted from ClickZ.) Barack Obama's presidential campaign spent over $16 million on online advertising in 2008. John McCain's camp spent a fraction of that: around $3.6 million. Google was far and away the winner, ... Read More

McCain and Obama Used Web to Persuade in Final Weeks

BY Kate Kaye | Wednesday, December 3 2008

(Reposted from ClickZ) Barack Obama and John McCain duked it out till the very end online, with ads that went after specific audiences in important swing states. Sites across the Web were drowned in hundreds of millions ... Read More

Obama's Online Ad Spend Approached $8 Million

BY Kate Kaye | Friday, November 7 2008

(Crossposted from ClickZ) If a recent online political ad revenue prediction is correct, President-elect Barack Obama's campaign could account for at least half of all 2008 online political ad spending. The winning ... Read More

New DNC Ads for Obama Turn Up in Red Light District Online

BY Kate Kaye | Tuesday, August 26 2008

Barack Obama, The Democratic National Committee and "Car Wash Babes"? They may not seem a likely grouping, but yesterday, ads paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Illinois Senator's presidential campaign ... Read More

Daily Digest: 'Tube Pong

BY Joshua Sherman | Tuesday, August 12 2008

Video war continues between Obama and McCain, McCain is using Wikipedia, David All is impressed with McCain's online ads, Jame Hamsher has a new PAC to boast about, #dontgo campaign gets a little more support, Read More

Obama's Web Ads May Have Driven Big North Carolina Win

BY Kate Kaye | Thursday, May 22 2008

Obama won big in this month's North Carolina primary and his online ad strategy in April may have played a role in driving his supporters to the polls. As the primaries chug along, Senator Barack Obama has steamrolled ... Read More

The Rationality Gap: Campaigns Way Behind the Online Advertising Curve

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, February 5 2008

The big news in this campaign cycle is that online ads by the campaigns are expected to hit $20 million. Woo hoo. That is a lot of money, isn't it? Well, actually, it is not. Read More

SNADFU: Obama Campaign Places Nevada Ad in South Carolina

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, January 15 2008

Managing placements of online ads can be a challenge, as the Obama campaign recently learned. With more caucuses and primaries approaching, his campaign accidentally placed an ad for Nevada on a South Carolina TV news ... Read More

How Much Was Spent Online in '06?

BY Michael Bassik | Wednesday, February 14 2007

MediaPost reported last November that online political ad spending hit $40 million according to PQ Media. And then today, The Wall Street Journal pointed to PQ Media in reporting that candidates, political parties and ... Read More