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Obama to Do a "Hangout" After State of the Union

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, February 11 2013

President Barack Obama will participate in a Google Hangout this Thursday to discuss the State of the Union. His appearance follows recent discussions with Vice President Joe Biden, who spoke recently on gun policy and Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, who discussed immigration reform. Read More

First POST: Enhancing SOTU

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, January 25 2012

President Barack Obama and his director of speechwriting, Jon Favreau, on Jan. 23. Photo: Pete Souza / White House

Today in technology and politics:

  • Barack Obama's spilled-milk crack during the State of the Union left Twitter crying.
  • A federal ruling by a judge in Colorado may give law enforcement more leeway to force you to decrypt your electronic devices on request.
  • Julian Assange is planning a TV show.
Click through for our comprehensive look at today's most interesting tech/politics news from around the web. Read More

Business USA is Weeks Away, Obama Says

BY Miranda Neubauer | Friday, January 13 2012

The Obama administration's previously announced Business USA proposal is now part of a larger effort to reorganize several agencies of the executive branch. In a speech this morning, Obama asked Congress to give him consolidation authority to merge six agencies related to trade and commerce. Read More

Vivek Kundra is Leaving the White House [Updated]

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, June 16 2011

Vivek Kundra speaking at Personal Democracy Forum 2011 on June 7. Photo: Esty Stein / PdF White House Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra will leave the White House in August, Politico's Kim Hart reports. The details ... Read More

Can the White House Really Say That Its Flickr Photos Can't Be Tweaked?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 12 2011

White House photo by Pete Souza, as altered by...well, who knows. It was on the Internet. Here's a quick follow-up on the legal angle of that situation where a Brooklyn Hasidic paper apologized for erasing Hillary ... Read More

White House Rolls Out Obama's Immigration Speech with Hashtags and House Parties

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, May 10 2011

White House photo by Pete Souza Where once it was Glee ... What was the deal with this week's episode of Glee? And we're not talking about Will Schuester's questionable math skills or Holly Holiday's take on Adele. ... Read More

One Way to Avoid a White House Email-Gate

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, February 4 2011

White House photo by Pete Souza Read More

Quote of the Day: Questioning Disclosure

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, August 9 2010

Disclosure as a regulatory tool in political finance will not soon come under extensive re-consideration. Its virtues are largely unquestioned, except in the rare case where identifiable minority interests are plainly, ... Read More